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This Immersive Globe: The Series

presented by Epic Immersive & Illuthion

This Immersive Globe is returning! Now, catch This Immersive Globe: The Series, starting this March 14th and 21st and then settling into a new rhythm in April: every 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, always at 12pm Pacific Time, so that everyone from San Francisco to New York to London to Paris and beyond can participate.

Each week, you’ll hear from three all-star creators from the immersive industry around the globe. And, before and after the talks, make sure to pop in for networking as we host a digital mixer where you can meet new collaborators, friends, and fans from across the world.

Guests can subscribe for $14/month. We’re charging this in order to pay for the technology. Our hope is that, with enough subscribers, we can create a sustainable micro-grant program for immersive artists from underrepresented backgrounds. For example, thanks to our August 2020 run of This Immersive Globe, we were able to support 13 incredible artists, chosen by an international panel of female-identifying immersive artists of color. Off the bat, we are committing to giving away $500 in micro-grants as part of March’s launch — stay tuned for details on how to apply!

Plus, you’ll get access to all of our past videos, which have included luminaries from groups like Punchdrunk, Mycotoo, Baobab Studios, Delusion, and AREA15.

So we hope you’ll join us and become a subscriber to This Immersive Globe: The Series!

NOTE: The 1-Month Pass ($24.50) gets you into the next 30 days worth of activities, usually 2 episodes. The subscription (< $14/month) gets you into everything until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel any time, so of course we recommend the subscription!

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Scarecrow, an XR experience from South Korea's Sngmoo Lee.

Los Angeles' Delusion, created by Jon Braver.

Oklahoma City's Factora Obscura

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This Immersive Globe: The Series, Episode Five

16 May 2021

Min Jung Yoon

Citizen Truth (Min Jung Yoon) is a butoh dancer, ritual performance artist, and researcher of collective choreography and conflict resolution using the body. They create worlds for heightened relational emotionality, permission for depth, and challenging social norms and extremes toward new images and gestures of truth needed for our times. They are currently an ArtCorps scholar at Anna and Daria Halprin’s Tamalpa Institute and a MA candidate in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies with the Process Work Institute. They have studied and performed with master butoh teachers around the world. They have directed and performed in butoh immersive shows on and off the stage, including with Bad Unkl Sista and Epic Immersive’s Underground.

Courtney Nichols

Touted by Bravo TV as "Chez Panisse meets Studio 54," Courtney Nichols founded Disco Dining Club to marry her love affair of counterculture with her love affair of raucous dinner parties. Since 2015, Courtney has produced theatrical and thematic food experiences worldwide. Each of her experiences seek to disrupt puritanical sensibilities while nurturing a community of dining misfits who found freedom on the dance floor, and then translated this freedom to the dining table. Since 2020, DDC has evolved into Of The Night, which delivers thematic party packages to doorsteps nationwide. If you are ever on the hunt for Courtney in a crowded room, look for the woman with bedhead, red lips, and poppers in her hand. Courtney’s mantra? Consume everything.

Owen Kingston

Owen is the founder and Artistic Director of pioneering immersive and interactive company Parabolic Theatre. He is a writer and director with over 20 years experience working in the theatre and film industries. Parabolic shows are known for their extreme levels of interactivity, and for adapting on the fly in response to audiences. Owen is a passionate advocate for this ‘adaptive narrative’ approach to interactive performance. Examples of his/Parabolic’s work include "For King and Country", "Crisis? What Crisis?" and "The House of Cenci".

This Immersive Globe: The Series, Episode Six

23 May 2021

April Soetarman

April Soetarman is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and writer who creates installations, public art, and immersive theater. Her site-responsive works play with the language of everyday objects and speculative institutions to explore complex human emotions. Her projects have been exhibited by museums and public spaces, as well as anonymously installed in dozens of urban spaces across the country. April is also behind, her series of ongoing experiments in code, text, and street art. Notable projects include The Museum of Almost Realities (2017), The Department of Emotional Labor (2019), and The End of the Day (2020). @AprilSoetarman /

Shuai Chen

Shuai Chen is the Founder and Chief Puzzle Officer of Gr8er Good Games/Patchwork Adventures. Her core values are curiosity, creativity, and community. Shuai has over 10 years of experience in corporate team-building and started researching virtual team-building in 2017, when she realized that remote teams had trouble bonding over videochat. Her team of 60 amazing facilitators/actors has hosted over 300 virtual teambuilding events this past year. Before starting Patchwork Adventures, she co-founded Middle Circle, a nonprofit that fosters “church-like” community without religious dogma, and was the Executive Director of SCRAP, a San Francisco creative reuse nonprofit. Shuai was on Team USA in the 2017 and 2019 World Escape Room Championships and she’s played over 200 escape rooms.

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This Immersive Globe: The Series

presented by Epic Immersive & Illuthion

Epic Immersive is an immersive design studio specializing in live experiences. Think 14-acre fictional cities and underground wonderlands.

At Epic’s imaginative immersive theatre experiences, guests have plunged through slides in fireplaces into underground wonderlands, crawled through Dante Alighieri’s vaults, descended into replica London Underground stations, launched into mixed reality experiences from inside of Victorian mansions, and joined masquerades from revolutionary France on the docks of San Francisco.

Companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook have commissioned Epic Immersive experiences.

Epic's projects have been seen in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Epic's team members regularly speak at conferences across the world about immersive design.

Epic Immersive cofounded the world's preeminent conference for the immersive industry, which has featured leading voices from Walt Disney International, Punchdrunk International's Sleep No More, Oculus, Meow Wolf, and more.

Epic has crafted experiences with ballet folklorico dancers, taiko drummers, hip-hop performers, and more. We've designed neighborhood-scale civic festivals and developed stories with internment camp survivors.

ILLUTHION is a pioneer solution provider of immersive experience and immersive industry in China. ILLUTHION is the co-founder of China Immersive Industry Alliance, co-founder of the FIC which is an international immersive experience development platform, initiator and deputy director of China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions' Immersive Entertainment Committee, member of the National Alliance of Culture, Science and Technology Innovation Services' Immersive Experience Committee, immersive industry researcher of Institute of Culture and Tourism. ILLUTHION is one of Top 30 Most Valuable Enterprises in China Immersive Industry.

ILLUTHION's Industry BU is committed to promoting the development and crossover of Immersive Industry. ILLUTHION provides unique immersive industry solutions including hosting immersive industry summits, events, activities, operating immersive industry park, immersive academy, immersive industry study tour, customizing immersive experience development training and consulting for local governments, cultural tourism enterprises and real estate companies. ILLUTHION developed Future Entertainment which is a global immersive industry database, wrote and published China's Immersive Industry Development White Paper (2018 and 2020 editions) which is the first immersive industry report in China, co-hosted This Immersive Globe which the first global immersive industry online event, co- hosted China's First Immersive Industry Development Forum, hosted China's Immersive Project Investment and Operation Forum, hosted Immersive Entertainment Crossover Empowerment Forum and runs five immersive industry study tours around the world.

ILLUTHION's Development BU is dedicated to creating immersive landmark in China. ILLUTIHON defines the concept and standard of Immersive World and proposes immersive design methodology and development framework. ILLUTIHON provides one-stop solution from consulting, feasibility analysis, concept design, project development to project operations. Immersive World system is oriented to the future cultural, commercial and tourism landmarks. The immersive experience is no longer in a single format, but a systematically total immersive space, covered by over 258 immersive formats. ILLUTHION designed many Immersive World projects such as Scifi Time City, Last Eden, The Great Voyage, Babao Wonderland and etc. Meanwhile, ILLUTHION developed over 55 innovative immersive experiences such as immersive adventure house Into The Mist, live-action role-playing experience Revolution, interactive theater Flying Jurassic, the live-action FPV game Pac-Man, immersive complex World of Flowers, immersive therapy Dream of Dragonfly and many other immersive experiences.

Creating a benchmark immersive industry ecosystem is our vision. In 2021, ILLUTHION is developing the international immersive industry cluster in Shanghai. The core of the ILLUTHION's cluster is Immersive Complex which is supported by the Immersive Industry Research Institute, Immersive Academy, International Immersive Industry Communication Center and Immersion Experience Cultivation Platform. ILLUTHION will continue integrating global talents and resources, applying Immersive World standard in different spaces and exploring new business model with the features of deep immersion, high capability, high cost performance and financial sustainability for immersive industry.